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Reflective Essay on Referral Systems in Nursing

Intelligent Essay on Referral Systems in Nursing Learning Objective:- To obtain information about the different referrals frameworks utilized in my arrangement territory. This intelligent article depicts my involvement with accomplishing my learning objective, referral framework which I had taken as a piece of the ONP program. As indicated by Dewey (1916) Reflection is a procedure which sees associations and connections between the pieces of an encounter (refered to by Boud et al, 1985). At the point when medical attendants consider what they do, they can comprehend their training, and envision as well as realize changes ( road 1991; Cox et al.1991 refered to by Taylor, B. J., 2000). Reflection encourages us to change ourselves to give better mind to the patients by improving our aptitudes and information. Schon, D. (1983) underscored that reflection is a manner by which experts can connect the hypothesis practice hole, in view of the capability of reflection to reveal information in and on activity (refered to by Taylor, B. J., 2000) I have picked Gibbs model of reflection (1988) to think about my experience. I picked this structure since it empowers me to recover the occasion bit by bit and along these lines to gain from my experience as experience is the best educator of all (Harry Callahan, H. refered to on the web). Referral is characterized as aã‚â personã‚â recommendedã‚â toã‚â someoneã‚â orã‚â forã‚â something (Dictionary. com, 2009).Since all social insurance required can't be acquired at some random degree of the framework, anã‚â effective referral instrument is a key component in the conveyance of care (The Ministry of Health, Belize, 2006). So I took this goal to acclimate to the referral framework utilized in my new position zone. As I am working in a stroke unit, a large portion of the patients require a multidisciplinary approach. The center multidisciplinary group incorporates fitting degrees of nursing, clinical, physiotherapy, word related treatment, discourse and language treatment, and social administrations staff. Different controls are likewise normally engaged with the administration of stroke patients including clinical clinicians, therapists, dietitians. (SIGN, 2010). This was unique in relation to my past working experience despite the fact that there was contribution of multidisciplinary groups and referrals to different specialities, however referrals to social administrations and furthermore the approaches relating to referrals is another experience. I saw how my senior associates allude patients to different groups, asked questions on the different groups accessible in the trust and how to profit them and the premise of alluding a patient. At that point, I had the option to allude patients under direction. My coach has likewise alloted me to do referrals and has evaluated me for the equivalent. I got criticism and had the option to make vital redresses. I had the option to allude patients to different groups, for example, Speech and Language specialist (SALT), diabetic medical attendant, dietitician, and OT. At first I had some trouble in understanding the different groups and their jobs, the various structures used to allude patients, techniques to allude (by fax/calls). In any case, as I had the option to complete a few referrals I got acquainted with the framework utilized in my situation zone. To start with I watched my senior partners alluding the patient and afterward I started to allude patients. I had the option to explain questions with my guide and partners in this way helping me to comprehend the human services framework all the more successfully. Presently, I feel positive about alluding patients to other medicinal services group varying on the grounds that the all encompassing, far reaching, intuitive methodology of an interdisciplinary group is the sign of stroke restoration (Miller et al, 2010)). I feel by taking this learning result I had the option to improve my relational abilities and collaboration subsequently empowered me to grow expertly. My tutor has surveyed me skillful in alluding patients. As indicated by Dent, S. M., 2007The capacity to hear what others are stating and decide the precision and pertinence of their input is a huge wellspring of expert and association advancement and a basic authority competency. I trust I had the option to accomplish a significant result basic for me to give comprehensive consideration to the patients. As I completed a few referrals, I had the option to assemble my certainty and participate in suitable learning and practice exercises that keep up and build up my fitness and execution (NMC, 2008).Guidance from my tutor and partners helped me to comprehend the framework and subsequently empowered me to manage it calm. My guide evaluated me able in alluding tolerant viably. It is vital for a patient to get suitable clinical consideration where required for a fast advancement. It is the duty of the staff to guarantee that ideal referrals are made with the goal that patient consideration isn't imperiled. In general, I had the option to pick up information about the referral framework utilized in my situation which helped me to stay up with the latest with the assets accessible to guarantee compelling consideration. I guaranteed that for patients under my consideration referrals are made on schedule and in the event that I don't know of something I make it a point to take the important assessment of my seniors (NMC, 2008). As a future activity plan, I feel that I should keep my insight and aptitudes cutting-edge (NMC, 2008) and ought to know about all the trust arrangements so as to utilize the assets accessible. I will likewise effectively accomplish more referrals and be knowledgeable with the framework.

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Eye Contact Free Essays

The greater part of us would not promptly imagine that eye to eye connection had anything to do with language, or a person’s culture. While examining a theme for this paper I ran over an article on social contrasts that contained an area about eye to eye connection. I saw it as extremely telling, with regards to the purposes behind either the absence of, or the explanations behind eye to eye connection. We will compose a custom exposition test on Eye to eye connection or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now The article of reference is â€Å"Cultural Differences? Or on the other hand, Are we actually that extraordinary? † ( Gregorio Billikoph). This article talks about the distinctions in societies, or the various manners by which these societies identify with others, and how a few words or articulations may not sound good to another culture. One case of this is utilizing the expression â€Å"thank you†. In the U. S. , we thank everybody for pretty much all that we do, yet in the Chinese culture, for instance, will possibly thank somebody if the assignment being preformed is something significant. In spite of the fact that this article addresses an assortment of social contrasts, I considered eye to eye connection exceptionally intriguing. In this article the author, who is of Hispanic source, discusses his own solid requirement for eye to eye connection. He clarifies that his significant other has come to understand that when he is conversing with her, she needs to stop what she is doing and look at him, or he will quit talking until she does. He proceeds to state that poor eye to eye connection is â€Å"partially because of timidity or how purpose an individual searches others† (pg 5). As I expressed first and foremost, eye to eye connection may not appear to be a piece of our language. On this I would need to dissent, since I think without eye to eye connection, correspondence is troublesome. Think about this; you are having a discussion with somebody who communicates in English just as a subsequent language, and has some trouble with certain expressions. While conversing with this individual, the individual in question is looking anyplace however at you, do you think this individual completely comprehends what you are stating, or would they say they are feeling humiliated in light of the fact that they are experiencing issues getting you? In the event that you and this individual were talking and keeping in touch, you would have the option to see by your companion’s articulations whether you were being comprehended. There are obviously different explanations behind absence of eye to eye connection. Some may feel that they are second rate compared to you, or they might be modest or pulled back. I have been in circumstances where eye to eye connection made me truly awkward. For me, there are those whose eye to eye connection is so serious, I am compelled to turn away for a piece since it causes me to feel disregarded, similar to they are looking excessively profound into me. At that point there are those occasions when conversing with a man, where I feel they are attempting to stand out for me to them for various reasons I am not inspired by. I accept that eye to eye connection is significant, yet I can't help suspecting that circumstances are different around there somewhat. Why? Again it boils down to how your eye to eye connection is seen. I have been in circumstances when conversing with somebody of the other gender, and their better half or sweetheart gets the possibility that I am keen on their man in light of eye to eye connection. I additionally had the issue with my ex. He didn't care for me conversing with other men period, since he felt that my eye to eye connection with them implied that I was keen on them. It is exceptionally hard to stay away from all eye to eye connection when conversing with others, so I was consistently awkward conversing with men when within the sight of my ex. I believe that with regards to eye to eye connection in any culture. Or then again when managing anybody all in all, we should know about how that eye to eye connection will be seen by others. We as a whole need to instruct ourselves however much as could reasonably be expected, with respect to social contrasts so as to help maintain a strategic distance from a portion of the negative impacts our activities could cause. Instructions to refer to Eye Contact, Essay models

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How to Look After Your Sexual Health at University

How to Look After Your Sexual Health at University How to Look After Your Sexual Health at University It’s not something most people like to talk about (everyone remembers those cringe lessons at school), but sex and sexual health can be a big part of the university experience. Neglect to look after yourself properly, either because you’re too embarrassed or you never learned how to, and you could face serious repercussions. The main thing to realize is talking about sex, STIs, contraception etc. doesn’t need to be daunting or humiliating. Samantha Disney, Service Manager at sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust in the UK, says: “Treat going to an STI clinic in the same way you would going to your doctors or dentist - looking after your sexual health is a normal part of life”. Where to go So, first of all, where can you go to access sexual health services? This will depend on your university and student city’s facilities, but most are likely to have dedicated sexual health clinics and services. To find them, Samantha says: “Speak to your welfare officer, check out your uni’s webpage or use the ‘Services Near You’ search tool on the NHS Choices website if you’re in the UK”. Best of all, sexual health services are completely free on the NHS, and available to everyone. Samantha: “Your university may offer services in-house or team up with other organizations to offer screening for things like gonorrhoea and chlamydia as well as distributing condoms for free.” As you might know, condoms are the only form of contraception that also protects you from STIs, so it’s especially important to get tested if you’re using a different form of contraception. There are some misconceptions surrounding STIs though, as Samantha points out: “Many people think that STI’s can only be passed on through penetrative intercourse, or that contraception such as the pill protects you from more than just pregnancy, neither of which is the case. Irrespective of your sexuality and sexual practices, go get yourself checked”. What to expect Going to an STI clinic can seem daunting if you’ve never been before, but it’s nowhere near as bad as you think. There’s no judgment, and you’ll probably come out thinking it was a lot quicker and easier than you thought it would be. As Samantha says: “The service is completely confidential and the staff are very friendly. You will normally be greeted at reception and if it’s your first time attending you’ll be asked to fill in some details. When you go through to the consultation room, you will generally be asked some more in-depth questions about your sexual history.” After this, the doctor or nurse will advise on what tests they think you need. The tests can be in the form of a urine test, blood test (to test for HIV and syphilis) or a self-taken swab. With some tests, you can receive the results on the same day, but others may take a week or two.   How often should you go? “Unfortunately, the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections are detected within 15-24-year olds. So, it’s important to have a check-up at least once a year or with every change of sexual partner”. If you’re a woman aged 25 or over, it’s also important to have a cervical screening test once every three years. Deciding what’s right for you There are about 15 different forms of contraception available, both hormonal and non-hormonal, and with so many options, how do you decide which type of contraception is best for you? “Speak to a doctor or nurse within your surgery or the local sexual health clinic about the options that best suit you,” Samantha advises. You’ll be asked about your medical history, as there may be some forms of contraception you should avoid. You can also research your options on websites such as the Family Planning Association website, which has detailed information on the types of contraception available, how to use them, where to get them and their advantages and disadvantages. It also has both a short and long form of a contraception questionnaire. You might also like to talk to your friends, who may already be using a type of contraception themselves. While hearing their personal experiences can be helpful, their advice can’t replace a professional’s and you should always choose the best form of contraception for you, regardless of what your friends are using. During your research, you might come across some horror stories on the internet about unpleasant side effects from certain forms of contraception. These can be discomforting, but remember these extreme side effects are rare, and very unlikely to happen to you as well. If you’re unsure, always ask a doctor or other medical professional. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents happen and you might need to use emergency contraception. Depending upon where you’re living, there’s no need to panic. In the UK, emergency contraception is easy to access. Samantha: “Emergency contraception is available from your GP Surgery, local sexual health clinic, pharmacy, or accident and emergency departments. It’s often best to phone first and check the service is available”. If you’re in the UK, you can call Terrence Higgins Trust for free, confidential advice on their helpline: 0808 802 1221. (Open 8am-10pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, you can call NHS 111.)

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Their Eyes Were Watching God - 1401 Words

In Zora Neale Hurston’s romantic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, the heroine Janie, a beautiful mixed white and black woman, is on a journey to find someone who will make her feel love to find her own identity and freedom, away from her spouses. Janie’s marriages and quest for love impede her individual search for freedom, but in doing this she has discovered what exactly she wants for herself. Janie’s search for her identity and freedom is very much evident. Being abused and controlled during her marriages has made it clear how she wants to be treated and how she wants to live her life; as an individual who does not have to listen to anyone. The story opens with Janie’s return to town. Janie tells Phoebe Watson the story of her†¦show more content†¦She now knew that Janie was a woman and was ready to start her life and be wed. Soon after, Nanny quickly arranged Janie to be married to an older, wealthy man, Logan Killcks. Nanny thought this wa s best for Janie, she could live a comfortable, secure life, where she would not have to worry. Janie on the other hand did not want to marry this man; she wanted to marry someone she loved. Janie’s marriage to Logan was not anything special. In the beginning Logan was acted like a good husband and would do all the work on his land, and Janie would stay in the home, cooking and cleaning. Eventually, after a couple of months of being married, this so-called honeymoon stage was over. Logan now acted as if he owned Janie and she was his slave, commanding her to do whatever he wanted, not listening to what she wanted. Janie felt constraint; she felt like she was losing her freedom to Logan, she felt like she was not Janie anymore, she was now Mrs. Logan Killicks and she was now obligated to do whatever he commanded of her. Janie was tired of being in an unhappy marriage; she did not love Logan like Nanny said she eventually would: â€Å"She knew now that marriage did not make lo ve. Janie’s first dream was dead, so she became a woman†, and she did not like the way she was being treated. One day while she was outside she saw a man walk by, she thought he was very attractive so she drew attention to herself and the man came over. After having a conversationShow MoreRelatedTheir Eyes Were Watching God1064 Words   |  5 Pagessignificant than death. In Zora Neale Hurston’s famous novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the main character Janie Crawford is plagued by the deaths of loved ones. Janie moves from caregiver to caregiver searching for true love and happiness, only to have it stripped away from her once she finds it in her third husband Tea Cake. At the end of the novel, having realized true love and loss, Janie is a whole woman. Their Eyes Were Watching God portrays the growth of the human spirit through both the emotionalRead MoreTheir Eyes Were Watching God1780 Words   |  8 Pagesshort story â€Å"Sweat† and novel Their Eyes Were Watching God, the focus is on women who want better lives but face difficult struggles before gaining them. The difficulties involving men which Janie and Delia incur result from or are exacerbated by the intersection of their class, race, and gender, which restrict each woman for a large part of her life from gaining her independence. Throughout a fair part of Zora Neal Hurston’s novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie’s low class create problemsRead MoreTheir Eyes Were Watching God932 Words   |  4 PagesJanie Crawford: The Woman Whose Clothing Conveys Her Relationships In Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, the protagonist, Janie, endures two marriages before finding true love. In each of Janie’s marriages, a particular article of clothing is used to symbolically reflect, not only her attitude at different phases in her life, but how she is treated in each relationship. In Janie’s first marriage with Logan Killicks, an apron is used to symbolize the obligation in her marriage. â€Å"Read More Eyes Were Watching God Essay711 Words   |  3 Pages Their Eyes Were Watching God provides an enlightening look at the journey of a quot;complete, complex, undiminished human beingquot;, Janie Crawford. Her story, based on self-exploration, self-empowerment, and self-liberation, details her loss and attainment of her innocence and freedom as she constantly learns and grows from her experiences with gender issues, racism, and life. The story centers around an important theme; that personal discoveries and life experiences help a person findRead MoreAnalysis Of Their Eyes Were Watching God 1061 Words   |  5 PagesDivision: Janie Crawford in Their Eyes Were Watching God Their Eyes Were Watching God was written in 1937 by Zora Neale Hurston. This story follows a young girl by the name of Janie Crawford. Janie Crawford lived with her grandmother in Eatonville, Florida. Janie was 16 Years old when her grandmother caught her kissing a boy out in the yard. After seeing this her grandmother told her she was old enough to get married, and tells her she has found her a husband by the name of Logan. Logan was a muchRead More Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay1757 Words   |  8 Pages Their Eyes Were Watching God Book Report 1. Title: Their Eyes Were Watching God 2. Author/Date Written: Zora Neale Hurston/1937 3. Country of Author: 4. Characters Janie Mae Crawford- The book’s main character. She is a very strong willed, independent person. She is able to defy a low class, unhappy life because of these factors, even though the environment that she grew up and lived in was never on her side. Pheoby Watson – Janie’s best friend in Eatonville. Pheoby is the only towns person whoRead MoreWhose eyes were watching God?1400 Words   |  6 PagesWhose eyes were watching God? In the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God, Oprah Winfrey manipulates events that happened in the book by Zora Neale Hurston. Oprah morphs many relationships in the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God. She changes the role of gender, and also makes changes in Janie’s character strength. Oprah also changes the symbolism in the movie to where some important symbols in the book change to less important roles. Oprah changes many important events in the book Their Eyes WereRead MoreTheir Eyes Were Watching God Essay724 Words   |  3 PagesTHEIR EYES WERE WATCHING GOD ESSAY  ¬Ã‚ ¬ Janie Crawford is surrounded by outward influences that contradict her independence and personal development. These outward influences from society, her grandma, and even significant others contribute to her curiosity. Tension builds between outward conformity and inward questioning, allowing Zora Neal Hurston to illustrate the challenge of choice and accountability that Janie faces throughout the novel. Janie’s Grandma plays an important outward influenceRead MoreEssay on Their Eyes Were Watching God921 Words   |  4 PagesTheir Eyes Were Watching God An Analysis So many people in modern society have lost their voices. Laryngitis is not the cause of this sad situation-- they silence themselves, and have been doing so for decades. For many, not having a voice is acceptable socially and internally, because it frees them from the responsibility of having to maintain opinions. For Janie Crawford, it was not: she finds her voice among those lost within the pages of Zora Neale Hurston’s famed novel, Their Eyes Were WatchingRead MoreTheir Eyes Were Watching God By Zora Hurston Essay1233 Words   |  5 PagesHurston In the novel â€Å"Their Eyes Were Watching God† by Zora Neal Hurston is about a young woman named Janie Crawford who goes on a journey of self discovery to find her independence. The book touches on many themes like gender roles, relations, independence and racism however racism isn’t mainly focused upon in the book which some writers felt should have been. Some felt that the representation of black characters should have been better role models. Zora Hurston’s novel wasn’t like other black literature

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Reflection Essay - 1152 Words

My decision on a major field of study at Western Michigan University was a process that took much thought and reflection. With my high school teachers’ strong leadership, they inspired me to possibly pursue anything as a career. The long process of finding out what I want to do with my life started in the summer when I was trying to figure out what career would best suit me for the future. Im that kind of person where I need entertainment in my life, so I narrowed it down to some jobs I cant do, such as being a business major and sitting in a office my whole life, and accounting, because I despise math. During my thinking process, I utilized what subjects I enjoyed in high school that I’d like to learn more about in college. I came to a†¦show more content†¦In order to become a dentist, one has to go through many training in graduate school. â€Å"Dental schools generally require applicants to hold a bachelors degree program before gaining a admisson†. S tudents tend to take courses in biology, anatomy, chemistry and microbiology to obtain their undergraduate degree before going into dental school.Then after 4 year of basic training, pre dental students take their DAT aka â€Å"Dental Admission Test†. The DAT is a four hour exam that is combined and consists of four sections: Sciences, Perceptual Ability, Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning. After passing the DAT thats when the whole process of applying to dental schools start. Its a long process to become a dentist that cant be done in four years of undergrad so students have to take it to the next level and go to school for four more years to earn the doctoral degree of becoming a dentist. As of right now I attend Western Michigan University to receive my bachelors degree in Biomedical sciences. After taking my DAT, I plan to apply to dental schools near my hometown in Chicago. There are two major schools in Chicago that id like to attend in the future and continue the journey of becoming a dentist. The first is, University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) that includes the DMD program which is Doctor of Dental Medicine. SomeShow MoreRelatedReflection Essay1616 Words   |  7 PagesReflective Essay The aim of this essay is to reflect on an incident, which took place in a hospital setting during the first month of my Foundation Degree Assistant Practitioner course. It will explore the importance of communication amongst the health care professionals and how a good nursing documentation is an integral part of nursing. It will also demonstrate how reflection enabled me to make sense of and learn from this experience, as well as identify any further learning developments neededRead MoreReflection Essay781 Words   |  4 PagesI determined that I needed a new interest, something to keep my mind engaged and challenged. I enrolled in the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) through the Columbia Southern University (CSU) just for fulfillment. This reflection assignment exercise proves to be the catalyst for my future college endeavors. The assignment to reflect on DBA program dreamed of taking steps towards realizing those ideas and course accomplishments right now. Due to time som e course assignments, I will embrace,Read MoreSelf Reflection Essays817 Words   |  4 Pages  Self- ­Ã¢â‚¬ Observations   and   Self- ­Ã¢â‚¬    Reflections    Maximum   1000   words   each   term    The   purpose   of   these   three   reports   is   to   demonstrate   how   you   have   used   the   learning   journal   to    develop   your   self- ­Ã¢â‚¬ awareness   from   term   to   term.   (See   Section   11   about   the   Learning   Journal)    Each   report   is   due   at   the   first   class   meeting   after   each   reading   week.    Guidelines:    The   Reports   should   include   your   reflections   about:       Read MoreReflective Reflection Essay999 Words   |  4 Pagesand the best practice for creating successful outcomes. This essay will focus on how reflective practice is critical for professional life, and how the use of reflection and theory can be used by counselling practitioners to inform their practice. Reflective practice is a complex concept and has many alternate definitions and understandings of what reflective practice actually means. By breaking down the two parts and defining reflection as â€Å"serious thought or consideration†, and practice as â€Å"theRead MoreWriters Reflection Essay1463 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish Writing Reflection. English has always been one of my favorite subjects along with writing. At a young age I remember always writing childish stories, and comic books. In second grade I even won a writers competition. Writing has always been a part of my life. I keep a journal to write important events happening in my life and I like to write poems as well. However, during my high school years writing essays became more complex. For some reason I couldn’t seem to fullyRead More Mirror: Reflections of Truth Essay508 Words   |  3 Pages â€Å"Mirror†: Reflections of Truth In Sylvia Plath’s poem â€Å"Mirror†, the reader takes a look into the messages presented and compares them with the reflections that are cast in a mirror and images in a lake. When reading this poem, we discover that the speaker is the actual reflection that gives the interpretation of its views. The first interpretation is shown as a mirror on the wall â€Å"I am silver and exact. I have no preconceptions.† (1), second as the water in the lake because she states â€Å"Now IRead MoreReflection Within Professional Development: The Gibbs Model Essay1248 Words   |  5 PagesReflection Within Professional Development In this essay I intend to reflect upon a clinical skill, which I have learned and become competent in practicing. I will apply the Gibbs model to the chosen skill throughout the essay to allow for critical thought. Gibbs model includes the areas of description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion and action plan. (Gibbs, 1988) The term â€Å"reflection† directly refers to one’s own ability for serious thought or consideration regarding eventsRead MoreFamily Reflection Essay1480 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout the last sixteen weeks from going through this class I have learned a lot. I have learned that different there are many ways to write a paper or essay. There are many ways that the format of a paper as well. But between the two essays I have chosen are from week seven which was on hunting and why it wasn’t a cruel sport in my thoughts. My other essay I have chose was from week nine, that was about on holding a family together and what makes a family a whole. Hunting topic in my thoughts whereRead MorePersonal Essay : Course Reflection992 Words   |  4 PagesCourse Reflection When my advisor asked me if I wanted to take summer school the first thing I said was, â€Å"Yeah, I want to take English 101.† The only problem was that it started at 8AM and I usually worked the night before, but I thought I could handle it. I enjoy writing. I actually write in my free time sometimes, so I thought English would be no problem. For me, writing is either extremely easy or extremely hard. It’s easy for me when I don’t have restrictions from what I can write about. I canRead MoreWriting Reflection Essay905 Words   |  4 PagesWriting a decent essay is as tedious, nerve racking, and strenuous as constructing a layer cake from scratch. First you have to decide that you are going to tackle this feat, and that can be your biggest challenge, motivation. Then you have, you must figure out what kind of cake batter you want to use. Collect all the ingredients to mesh together well, making each layer at a time. You throw all the layers together hoping tha t somehow they will come together to form a nifty design. But, they don’t

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Summary American Public University System - 1041 Words

ANTH100 Take Home Final Exam Jon W. Wilson American Public University System December 26, 2014 ANTH100 Introduction to Anthropology 1. Often in anthropology, the relative importance of gathering in foraging societies is underemphasized. Throughout much of human evolution, meat eating has been based on scavenging, with hunting only emerging much later. In most scavenging societies, gathering is usually the most important activity in terms of the relative amount of nutrition that it supplies to the community and in terms of relative consistency of food provision. For example, in indigenous southern African foraging communities’, foraging activities conducted by women provide 75 per cent of the food that is consumed (Park, 2014:†¦show more content†¦2. The Hutterite organizational structure can be arguably classified as a group of cohesive but separate chiefdoms. The basic social unit of the Hutterite organizational structure is the separate colonies, which are divided regularly when any one unit becomes too big. These colonies are communal organizations that plac e equality and group needs ahead of the needs of the individual. Authority patterns and community structure are determined by the age of sex of individual community members (Park, 2014). Colonies that grow past roughly 130 to 150 people begin to experience social and administrative difficulties, particularly as there is increasing duplication of labor specialties among the populations. At this point, a process called â€Å"branching out† takes place, where a new tract of land is purchased and the colony is divided according to family groups by a minister (Park, 2014: 11). Given that there is no overarching political structure that governs all Hutterites they cannot be classified as having a ‘state’ organization. Instead, each colony is defined by a clear authority structure, composed of the colony, the church, the councils of men which serve as the colony’s executive board, informal councils and the head preacher who provides a liaison with the outside world (Park, 2014). 3. The human language has many fascinating features that have

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King Kong Remake Analysis free essay sample

Movies have shown throughout our time that there is a strong underlying theme or message that can be unseen to most. It can be a minuscule significance to some, who focus on the violence and special effects, but once you start looking back at the big picture of certain films, there is so much more. A lot of people tend to focus on what is being filmed instead of how it’s being filmed. The difference is remarkable between the two films King Kong (1933) and the remake of King Kong produced in 2005. The perspective of how the story played out is very different between the two films. On one end, in the original, Kong is portrayed as a violent beast similar to a Godzilla type figure that is a huge threat to civilization. In the remake, it brings a deeper relationship to Kong to humanize his character. The audience can feel his emotions and reactions in a much bigger way to show he might be a powerful beast, but has a big heart too. The difference of how scenes are depicted by each director seems to be complete opposite visions of how the story plays out in each film. It’s interesting to see overtime how the outlook on how man deals with nature has dramatically shifted. Both films underlying messages can be very unnoticed with all the action, adventuring, and amazing special effects going on in the film. This ultimately makes it harder to pick out how power obsessed America was in the original, and how destructive we really are with nature today. It’s very apparent that both movies follow the same story line and plot, but how it is seen through the director’s eyes is very different. In both movies, the humans seem to be very destructive and disrespectful to nature. This is seen a lot more in the remake. Throughout original King Kong you never get that close to Kong to see how he feels and why he feels certain ways. A lot of the scenes with him in it displays very destructive behavior of him killing and tearing things apart. It sets him up as a monstrous figure similar to Godzilla, whereas the other movie personifies Kong as more of a humanized beast that is just looking for love and understanding. The newer film shows this by longer drawn out scenes between Ann and Kong that are almost intimate. Even though Kong cannot talk, the audience can tell how he’s thinking by facial expressions, along with his grunts and roars. It’s understandable the older film wasn’t able to show these certain sides of Kong due to technology and outdated special effects, but they still repeatedly display Kong’s actions and intentions strictly out of violence. In the original Kong, he is captured and put on display in New York City; he breaks out and is immediately enraged by the situation. He begins to run around the city damaging buildings, killing innocent civilians, and causing complete chaos. This again shows how Kong is a problem with society and a huge threat to anyone near him. Putting his image as this out of control beast brings the element that we have to conquer nature to express our true power with weapons and technology. This scene dramatically differs in the new film. Once Kong breaks free of captivity while being put on display on the stage, his focus is not on destroying and causing harm. His motivation is fully on being reunited with his love Ann. When he finally gets back together with her, they show just the two of them playing together in the snow at central park. They are laughing and enjoying themselves in a peaceful setting, showing that Kong means no harm at all. Until all of the sudden police and military forces interrupt the two with bombings, which puts a sense of how we are the evil force in the movie. Putting Kong on display like he was shows how we really do not respect nature. Its seen so much today that we start to treat animals as objects or material things to be used for our pleasure. Whether animals are used for food, or put in an exhibit at a zoo, it’s very apparent the respect for them is fading. A lot can argue that we need these things to survive or for our entertainment but we definitely go overboard. Our country does not think twice to slaughter millions of animals each day just for our benefit. It also wouldn’t be uncommon to see an animal’s head put up on display on a wall similar to a trophy or family picture. This develops a huge consequence because we don’t ever stop to think from the animal’s point of view. It seems to result in a lot of selfish acts by humans who don’t think twice about treating animals this way, which ultimately destroys their true worth of living beings. In the remake of King Kong, Kong is seen as a protector to Ann. He does not let anyone else harm her and never takes his eye off of her. No matter what the situation seems to be, his full focus is on Ann. In the original she doesn’t seem to be his top priority, and seems like he’s more about showing off how strong and powerful he can really be throughout the film. It’s very apparent in the scene where Kong battles two Tyrannosaurus Rex in the jungle on Skull Island. In the original, Ann is sitting off to the side watching from a distance very frightened. Kong continues to battle and barely acknowledges Ann and seems to worry more about his own well-being. There was even a point where she is pinned under a tree during the battle, and Kong doesn’t seem to notice her presence or screams until he’s finished with his fight. It is completely different in the new film. During the whole scene while fighting the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Kong has Ann wrapped up in his hand, and never lets go. He keeps her close to him at all times and makes sure she doesn’t get harmed. It really shows how Kong means well and looks out for her, almost as her guardian as they go around Skull Island. By doing this, the film really shows how Kong ultimately has good intentions with Ann. Seeing how he will defend Ann by any cost, shows that she has a place in Kong’s heart and he really does mean well. Even though Kong shows his loyalty out of violent acts, it’s still very obvious he does this strictly to protect the ones he cares about, bringing the viewers on Kong’s side. It shows how she is a true priority to Kong and his intentions are for the best, making him a more respectable character that doesn’t deserved to be captured. Building Kong’s character up as a protector and intelligent beast really puts the spotlight on us that we are the destructive force. This seems problematic today with all of the poaching and extinctions of our beloved animals, which we are the main contributors to. There are many cases where laws have been established because of people killing animals for clothing or cosmetic purposes. It shows we don’t believe these animals’ lives are worth much. It’s almost every day where you can see a commercial about donating money to help save or adopt some type of animal in need. When in reality, we probably wouldn’t need to do that if we made sacrifices ourselves to help protect our animals and environment. The last scene where Kong is shot down climbing the Empire State building makes arguably the biggest impression on how destructive we really can be to nature. As seen in the original, Kong is a huge problem in society and an untamable beast. This is a big reason why when the military and police forces are called in, they are portrayed as the hero type image saving the day. It shows it in a big way that we won’t be conquered by something like this, and humans can over power nature at the end of the day. However in the remake, it seems to be the complete opposite. Throughout the film the audience grows closer to Kong, and the last thing that is wanted is for him to be harmed. He has shown that he is loyal to Ann and just wants to be loved. That’s why when the airplanes are called in to destroy Kong; it’s almost hard to watch. It’s apparent that Kong did not want to be captured, and we now have to use violent force against him just because us humans can’t respect nature. It really shows how hypocritical we are and selfish the society can be. When captured he was praised and displayed as â€Å"The Eighth Wonder of the World†, but after breaking free, he needs to be killed. Humans never really look back and see how he might be feeling about ripping him out of his home, thinking he is just some type of ignorant animal that is to be put on display for everyone to look at. It definitely symbolizes how power hungry our country is. We are always trying to fix other countries problems and colonize the world when we have enough issues of our own to work out. In the end the military forces and planes bring Kong to his death, which presents another problem of how we use our technology available to take control and overpower situations. A lot of people view Kong as a problem and a threat to society because you see how violent and powerful he can really be. This is true, but that’s the exact reason we do not need to be capturing and taking Kong out of his environment. If we would have just let him be in peace in his own environment where he belonged, there would be no reason for having to kill him, But America’s greed for fame and money overpowers that in this film. It really goes to show how we are the destructive ones that have no respect for nature and it’s ultimately our fault this happened. It’s very vital to the viewers watching to see the significant themes shown throughout the films. It’s surprising how the same story can be displayed but with completely different underlying messages. The newer and drawn out film really enables the audience on how Kong is feeling throughout the film. It makes a huge impact on how you view everything else. Protecting and conserving nature seems to be the least of our priorities and degrades the worth of animal’s lives. Many viewers always look at it as â€Å"Beauty killed the Beast†, when really I believe we killed the beast with our destructive and selfish plans regarding nature’s finest things.